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agandir - menhir patrimoine rural sancy territoire les cheires puy de dome aydat

Le menhir of Fohet

This menhir called " the long stone" has a total height of 4,75m and a mass weight approaching 15 tons, made of granite semi porphyritic is a typical example of a megalith. The important dimensions and the isolated positioning at the heart of the plateau with a panoramic view of aydat, the sancy and the puy de dome are indeed the two criteria, designating it as a monument erected by Neolithic man.
For a long time the funeral processions of the village had passed by the " pierre longue" and by custom the priest would recite prayers.

This menhir was laying on the ground, untill recently up righted. Some observers dispute that the sites megalithic, like fohet were located in a watershed area between two mountains comprising equilibre points and to attract energies, a veritable force field.

agandir - Dolmen de Cournols

The dolmen of cournol

The dolmen is of a type very widespread among the megaliths listed in the Auvergne. It represents the remains of what is called a covered alley. 11m long, east facing, it shows a row of entrances, two covered rooms each one with a large slab and finally a third slab lying on an incline to the second room beyond.

This was all found in a non covered mound. It is composed of granite and trachyte, volcanic rock a clear component of the volcanic domes.
This dolmen was damaged by a lighting strike. Excuvations on the site in the X1X century led to the discovery of polished stone axes and a more recent bronze axe.

agandir - curiosites patrimoine rural saint-saturnin decouvertes et visites auvergnates

The dry stone cabins

They are situated on the ancient lave flow originating from the plateau of the serre mountain and the vigeral. An abundance of rock outcrops have generated usable spaces : pastures for livestock and arable terraces. The stone stacked walls are well defined in small plots, a characteristic expression of the fragmentation of Auvergnat land.

In these numerous stone stacked walls, the "courtas" opening, narrow and rudimentary, these spherical dry stone stacks where most often only large enough to accommodate one person squatting. It permitted the shepard to shelter from storms while herding. The " courtas" have a opening onto the meadow and in a ideal situation, facing the sun and sheltered from the wind. Those that remain visible today date from the end of the X1X century. They are for the most part hidden by the vegetation and found on private property.

agandir - Pont de la Monne à St Amant Tallende

  The bridge of the monne 

Pretty gothic bridge, probably constructed in the X111 century, it is one of the most remarkable examples of this type of artwork of the basse-Auvergne. This bridge served as one of the principle doorways to the village. It is composed of four arches in arcs brise that could have been constructed in the X111 century. Four shoulder posts support the four arches, shelters separated by parapets. The deck is a lightweight build overhead supported by reversed quadrent corbels.

Spanning the monne and the terraced gardens, it offers a beautiful view of the remaining walls, fortifications erected in 1445 by Charles the V11 and Bertrand de la tour. From the deck facing the village, we see on the right, a mill which retains its reach.

agandir - gorges de la monne site naturel preserve auvergne puy de dome flore faune

The riberolles bridge

When you cross the monne by the ancient road between olloix and cournol. Untill 1872, olloix and cournol were one and the same commune. Close by to the bridge and restored in 1980, remain some walls from two mills.

The village of riberolles, deserted at the end of the X1X century, was located upstream of the bridge. In the ruins of the village and surrounding area, there is a projected activity " discovery" of useful plants such as  ferns, market garden and medicinal.
This bridge is on the track, the road of little walks " les Gorges de la Monne".

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